Volunteer & Join Us

Would you like to join us? It's so much more than just riding a motorcycle!


If you would like to join us as a blood biker, you need to be at least 30, and hold a current Advanced riding qualification (IAM / RoSPA). You would store the bike at your home for your duty slot, during which time you would be responsible for any tasks that are called in 1900hrs to 0700hrs, Monday to Thursday and then, all day over the weekend.

Obviously, you will need somewhere safe to store the bike and be willing to ride at night, and in almost all weathers.


In severe weather we sensibly revert to the 4 wheels in our fleet. Operational drivers all tick the same boxes as riders.

Additionally, we do operate a daytime service in Gloucestershire, known as our Pharmy Army, who twice a week, deliver cancer medicines to the most vulnerable.

You do not have to be an advanced rider or driver to volunteer for this role: you use your own vehicle for this service, and we contribute towards your fuel costs, should you wish us to.


The unsung dedicated heroes of the group, without whom the riders and drivers couldn't get out on the roads. They may be sitting at home in the warm and the dry, but they are there, for every minute of the shift from the first call of the evening until the last volunteer is safely back home, at night.

This team is the one who fields the calls from the hospitals, and then messages the riders/ drivers to get the job done.

And their work produces our stats...........oh the stats!!


Without funding, our voluntary service cannot run, so fundraising is perhaps the most important thing that we do. All the other roles could become redundant!

We receive no NHS or Government funding, whatsoever. We take the 'work smart, not hard' attitude to fundraising but we still need people to help. We need around £80,000 a year just to stand still.

Does your company or Sports Club adopt a charity each year? What about a one-off amazing donation?

Please email our Fundraising Manager


Don't slot in to any of the above? Do you have the skills we don't have? Maybe you're into web design or you're a tech guru, or a whizz with data. We'd love to hear from you.

Even by becoming one of our Supporters, your £10 membership will help us.

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