Testimonials are always great to receive

Some commentary from those who volunteer, those we volunteer for, as well as those members of the public we serve

Amazing service

I was blown away when the hospital dispatched my medicine via this service. I had no idea it existed, what an amazing service. A small contribution to the rider who came out in freezing cold weather

A Donor

Thank you

Thanks so much for the home delivery of my medication to Kington when I came home from hospital after breaking my neck, so helpful at a stressful time.

Wendy Hayward

Fantastic talk

Great talk to IAM Glos by Paul Welland made it clear what a vital service this, so happy to make a donation and wish the organisation good biking for years to come.


Help for my Mum

Tablets delivered for my mum who has dementia. An amazing service. Thank you particularly to Alison and Dave aka Pizza Delivery Man a fantastic team. Thank you.

Clare & Pam

Remote Herefordshire

One of your blood bikers just delivered tablets to my partner who lives out in the wilds of Herefordshire: thank you so much


Newborn Care Services - Oxford

The milk bank is truly very lucky to receive this

amazing service the riders perform and without them we wouldn't be able to provide this

valuable and important service to both our donor mothers and recipient babies

Amanda Wood - Milk Bank Manager, OUH

Why I joined

I started riding at 17 and spent a significant part of the next 30 years serving in the Army in Europe. Unable to support anything like a Blood Bike group whilst serving, I joined a local IAM group as soon as I retired with the sole reason to become a Blood Biker. I see it as a great way to give back to the community, whilst also continuing my obvious interest in two wheels. The weather can be a pain, and sometimes getting up in the middle of the night for a call-out can be a little wearing, but the ‘job’ can offer a real sense of fulfilment. When you hand over a small parcel of meds to someone who has been waiting earnestly for it, to provide them some form of relief, you can see in their eyes that you have done something positive.

The riders and coordinators are a great bunch, and there is a certain camaraderie which reminds me of the good times in my former career. This is what keeps me rolling. Long may it continue.

John Nulty - Area Lead - Gloucestershire

Just..thank you

Thank you for all your hard work and generously donating your free time to benefit the rest of us, should we need you."

Cheryl Whitehouse

Lechlade and District Lions

Lechlade and District Lions club are proud to support the amazing and vital service that the Severn Freewheelers provide; thank you you all for the hard work and time you give to help those in critical need. (lechladelions.org.uk).

And we are so grateful for your continued support - Ed.

Ian Thomas - Club President